Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kamyenets Podilsky

We arrived early Easter Sunday morning ater a long train ride. We got a taxi that took us to the old town, across the bridge, over the canyon that runs through the middle of the city. We had the city to ourselves for a few hours; it was quiet and peaceful and the sun was rising and it was heaven. We found a forest, and spent some time there. We walked around the little village that made me feel like I'd gone back in time 100 years. "Was it a train, or a time machine!?" We found a pump and Macall tried to pump some water. A minute later, an old man came out and started yelling at us in Russian. Assuming he was angry at us for wasting water, we apologized profusely. He then proceeded to show us how to correctly use the pump. "Oh. Spaceeba bolshoy. Ya americanka, izvinitza." I'm sure he thought we were stupid. Then, we went to the castle. The Fortress, actually. We explored it for a few hours. :) I was very careful, 'cause I didn't want my head to fall off.
After eating some delicious pizza at "New York Street Pizza", we went to the canyon. We walked down the lovely stairs by the waterfall, down to the stream. It was very picturesque.
Here's a quick video I took while exploring the castle!

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