Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Nation's Capital

A couple of weeks ago, I flew out to Washington D.C.
I don't have a good reason. My friends talked me into it.
And it was AMAZING.
I love our country!! I loved seeing the monuments and memorials, and feeling the amazing spirit there.

Saturday night when I arrived, we wandered around D.C.The Lincoln Memorial was my favorite. He is one of my heroes!

Some nice men with british accents took this picture. Bahaha.

On our way to Thanksgiving at Grandma Meam's house on Sunday, we saw the sand man.

We stopped by the D.C. temple later that night. It's beautiful!


Vietnam Veteran Memorial

The Capitol building! Christian's sister, Heather, works for Senator Hatch at the Capitol so we got a private tour. (Heather was also kind enough to let us sleep in her apartment while we were there!)

......And then we drove home. In Christian's '96 Honda Civic. That was an adventure.

But really, I love that place. I learned a lot on that trip, about myself, others, and our nation. I realized that a lot of people (myself included) complain about our government, etc, but... we are SO BLESSED to live here. Heavenly Father made it possible for this country to be founded. There's no way we could be where we are today, enjoying our freedom, without Him. I love this Nation!