Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Kind of Fail At This Blogging Thing.

It's been two months since I've blogged. Seriously, I don't know where my time went.
Up until a week ago, my life was:
Wake up. Go to work. Eat dinner. Sleep. Occasionally hang out with Natalie, Macall, or Rachel. Repeat.
Over and over again, for months and months.
And then, my best friend came home from his mission!!! So now life is like this:
Wake up. Got to work. Eat dinner. Go to Christian's house/climb mountains with him/carve pumpkins with him/watch movies/explore SLC/dance/talk/drive/etc. Stay up too late. Sleep. Repeat.
Every single day. It's fun to have him home! He makes life a little more colorful!
Also, last week my family went to Zion's National Park with a few other families from the ward, which was a blast! I hiked Angel's Landing for the first time. AMAZING.

Isn't the view gorgeous? I love that place.
That's my life in a very little nutshell.