Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Kids and Other Cool People.

Ok, I need to brag just a little bit. I have some of the cutest kids EVER in my classes. They are really smart and many of them speak english quote well! I was really impressed when I first met them. I feel so blessed to be able to play with these kids every day! I need to get more pictures of them, because their cuteness must be shared with the world, but here are a few:

This is Helen. She is in my elementary class, and is SO smart and silly! She likes to show off her sweet gymnastics skills before class starts.

Me, Yulia, and Anna. We were having class on the floor that day, just for fun. We're that cool! Yulia is my sister. We like to play Uno and read books together. She helps me with my "Russian reading skills". Anna is a super gorgeous ice skater who is so sweet and polite. One time, when we were playing Go Fish, someone asked her if she had any sharks. She said "No I don't...Please go fish" and gestured sweetly to the deck of cards on the table. Is it bad to have favorites?

Sometimes I wish we could have naptime...these kids are so exhausted by the time class is over. 9 hours of school a day can't be healthy for a child.

These girls are my exploring buddies. :)

You're never lost when you can see the temple! I only have to take two Metros and a bus to get there...not bad!

My branch likes to party. And when we do, we party hard. It was only a little bit shocking to watch my branch president rock out to Weezer when he was playing Rockband. Then I got over it. Because only AWESOME people are in the International Branch in Kiev.

I love life.

P.S. When you have friends at the Embassy, they can hook you up with Dr. Pepper and other American foods.