Saturday, March 5, 2011


Fun Fact #1: There is a cockroach living in the inner-workings of the microwave at our school.
Fun Fact #2: All the boys here have mullets.

Fun Fact #3: Sometimes semi trucks like to drive the sidewalk.
Fun Fact #4: Honey and coffee make a wonderful exfoliator.
Fun Fact #5: Classic rock is frequently played here. And techno.
Fun Fact #6: Puzata Hata is my favorite restaraunt here in Kiev!

Fun Fact #7: If you have a "no smiling" contest with a Ukrainian child...they will win.

Fun Fact #8: I'm taking a train to L'viv tonight!
Fun Fact #9: Learning the cyrillic alphabet messes with your brain. Let's use the word "PHOTO" as an example. You might read it as "rnato" until you realize a few seconds later that it's an English, not Russian.
Fun Fact #10: "Ukraine's Got Talent" is a great show.